Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fulchino to DL, Daigle called up

You probably saw this yesterday, but Jeff Fulchino has been placed on the DL with tendinitis in his right elbow.

"I thought I had turned the corner on this thing, and today I came in and it didn't respond. It was stiff this morning when I went to throw. It's a step in the wrong direction. We made the decision to take some time off because I've done everything I can do to get better, aside from taking time off."

"We tried to nurse it through, and he threw well last night and felt good coming out of the game, and this morning -- not to put words in his mouth -- he felt like he was back at square one. I wish I would have pressed the issue to put him on the disabled list at the time. With the All-Star break timed into this thing, that's four days right there we won't lose. Hopefully, we get him back in position to where this is a thing of the past. We know how valuable he's been to us since we claimed him off waivers."

And there was no real alternative considered, other than bringing Daigle back up:
"He throws strikes. That's probably the tipping point in Casey's favor is that they felt he was capable of coming up here and putting the ball in the strike zone. They didn't talk about alternatives."

Yep, strike zone. Right down the pipe...

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Anonymous said...

Are you freaking kidding me? We're bringing him up because he can throw strikes? What is this, little league? Is our minor league system so bad that our AAA club is completely devoid of pitchers who are capable of throwing strikes on a consistent basis?