Monday, June 28, 2010

From the Office of the County Clerk - G76: Astros @ Rangers

Anyone else starting to take this personally? Rangers whip Astros 10-1.

*The Astros were outscored in this series 18-41. It's the largest run differential in Silver Boot history.

*This was the 8th game in which the Astros have given up 10+ runs, and the fifth time this season they've been defeated by 9+ runs.

*With the loss, Roy's record dropped to 5-10. It's just the fourth time in his career he has reached 10 losses. He first reached 10 losses on Sept 22, 2004; and then again on August 17, 2005; and September 16, 2008.

*Roy's line of 4.2IP, 7H/8R (7ER), 3K:4BB, 2WP, 2HR was uncharacteristic. He hasn't given up 7ER+ since April 11, 2008. It's also the third time this season he has allowed multiple HRs. He gave up 2+ HRs four times in all of 2009. It was also the first two wild pitches Roy had thrown this season. The two wild pitches are more than Roy had totalled in five complete seasons.

*Jason Bourgeois was 0x4 for his first hitless game in four starts with the Astros.

*In this series, Berkman was 1x8, 3BB. Carlos Lee was 4x10, 3BB. This says more about the ability of the players ahead of them to get on base, but they combined for one RBI - on Lance's solo homer.

*1-5 in the order: 1x17, 3BB. 6-9 in the order: 5x13.

*This was the 10th time this season the Astros haven't collected an extra-base hit.

*The only hitters with an average above .300 are the two who just came up: Chris Johnson (.302) and Jason Castro (.313).

*In 43 plate appearances to start the season, Chris Johnson has not yet drawn a walk. And if we take it back to 2009, Johnson has drawn one walk in his Major League career - a span of 65 plate appearances. In the 43 plate appearances, Johnson has worked the count to three balls seven times.

Pitch Count Hero: Bourn (1x4) and Lee (0x3, BB) - 18 pitches in four PAs
Pitch Count Punk: Jason Castro (2x2) - six pitches in two PAs

Man of the Match: Jason Castro - only batter to get multiple hits

Goat of the Game: Roy Oswalt

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