Sunday, June 13, 2010

From the Office of the County Clerk - G64: Astros @ Yankees

Well, that couldn't have gone much worse, either. Astros get swept 9-5.

*Jorge Posada hit his second grand slam in five plate appearances. He had seven in his previous 1629 games. And that was the first grand slam Casey Daigle has given up in his career.

*The Astros have been swept on the road three times this season, and for the seventh time this season.

*Brian McTaggart noted that the Astros pitching staff walked ten batters today, breaking the previous season-high of seven.

*Coming into this season, the Astros were an even .500 in interleague play. Now they're 1-4.

*Michael Bourn got a hit today! That was his first hit since the 3rd game of the Colorado series, and he now has one hit in his sixteen ABs since June 9. His .266 batting average is the lowest it's been since April 9.

*Cory Sullivan was 2x4, his first two-hit game since May 3 against Arizona.

*Pedro Feliz had himself an 0x4 day! Remember when his bat warmed up a little bit from May 29-June 7, and he had 14 hits in 32 ABs? Yeah, he's got two hits in his last 20 ABs. And he committed his 8th error of the season, so the defensive prowess he was supposed to provide hasn't happened. His career Fld% was .963, and as a 3B is now one error lower than .954 (I'm too lazy to figure it out through today's game).

*Kevin Cash hit a homer today! His second of the season, and the 12th of his career. And two of those homers are against the Yankees - the only team against which he has more than one home run. It's the fifth homer he's hit with men on base.

*The Astros scored five runs, and lost. Coming into today, the Astros were 6-1 when they scored five runs. So that's now 6-2. And they're of course now 0-4 when they give up nine runs.

*Tommy Manzella has a six-game hit streak, and is 9x20 in those six games, with eight RBIs.

Pitch Count Hero: Tommy Manzella (1x4) - 24 pitches in four PAs
Pitch Count Punk: Cory Sullivan (2x4) - 11 pitches in four PAs

Man of the Match: Tommy Manzella

Goat of the Game: Casey Daigle!