Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reaction to the Astros' Day 1

FanHouse's Frankie Piliere posted his observations on the entire Day 1 process. So what did he say about the Astros (because we're kind of sensitive)?

Everyone likes to look for teams who played it safe on Day 1. You could accuse the Astros of that, but it's too early to jump all over them. Delino DeShields Jr., Mike Foltynewicz and Michael Kvasnicka are all quality prospects, but Houston clearly was not looking to make a splash or spend big money. The best prospect of the three may end up being Kvasnicka, however, and he was a compensation-round pick.

And some other reaction. Like Scout.com, on DeShields:
You wonder where Houston is going. There were a number of high ceiling players here that could offer more. The allure of his dynamic ability is appealing but many scouts believed DeShields would be around for later picking, especially when they hold the number 19 pick.

And again, on Kvasnicka:
After ragging on the Astros early, the selection of Mike Kvacnicka was solid. He has a chance to be a offensive catcher, if they commit to keeping him there.

John Sickels:
Houston - Tentative Up
DeShields has great tools, Foltynewicz has a fresh Midwest arm with huge upside, and Kvasnicka has a promising bat but an uncertain position.