Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ed Wade has another chance to fix what Purpura and Drayton screwed up

Bernardo Fallas has a Notes column in which we find that the Astros aren't opposed to re-drafting some of the players they didn't sign back in 2007.

The Astros have expressed interest in the possibility of drafting any of three highly rated talents whom they selected in the 2007 draft but didn't sign.

Derek Dietrich, Brett Eibner and Chad Bettis all signed releases authorizing the Astros to draft them. Players drafted by a club and not signed cannot be drafted later without consent because of the possibility of bad blood between the parties.

Bobby Heck:
"We've reached out and re-established relationships with the three players. They're all players that we do have interest in. We've continued the evaluation process.”

Ohhh, but don't blame Drayton for 2007, or any other draft year, his hands are clean (save for the oil from throwing Purpura under the bus):
“That decision is going to be made by Ed Wade. I have never influenced the draft. I don't know (the players).”

Ed Wade, on the draft budget:
“We have the budget capability to take the best player available with each of our picks. We're not drafting, ‘signable players;' we're drafting the best players available at the time.”


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AstroBrit said...

"I have never influenced the draft. I don't know (the players).”

Lies, Damned Lies.

From what I understood at the time in 2007, our 3rd and 4th round Derek Dietrich and Brett Eibner demanded more than slot money because they were the Astros 1st and 2nd overall picks of the draft.

The postulation was that McLane told his peeps not to give in to their demands because Selig was angry with Drayton for Carlos Lee's $100m contract. Or maybe good ol' Drayton was feeling niggardy, or maybe it was simply a question of money not being well spent.