Friday, June 4, 2010

Drayton: The Astros are an underachieving child

There's a lot to note in David Dalati's article this morning for FSH, including a note from Drayton on The Hunt For Roy's October:

Astros owner Drayton McLane says he’s obviously disappointed in the performance of his club, that he doesn’t expect any movement on the Roy Oswalt front for at least two to three weeks...While select teams have made inquiries to the Astros about the potential of acquiring Oswalt in a trade, there have been no serious and detailed discussions with any team since Oswalt requested a trade.

And Ed Wade is The Right Man For The Job:

“Just his knowledge, his composition his judgment on good, good talent…he really, really knows how to put a successful team together. Look at the Philadelphia Phillies. The majority of those players are the ones that he drafted or pulled through the system. He can do the same for the Houston Astros.”

So what's wrong with the team?

“I tell our people that it’s like having a child that has the potential to make straight A’s and they’re making C’s and B’s. They can make straight A’s. They can play much better.”