Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dayum! Now it's on.

Alyson Footer's blog post shook me to my very core.

Chris Johnson, Jason Castro, and Jason Bourgeois were all called up and will be in uniform on Tuesday. That means three dudes are out of a big-league job. And those three dudes are Cory Sullivan, Casey Daigle, and Kevin Cash.

Because Humberto Quintero got popped in the coconut, but may not go to the DL, Castro will be your C1 for the time being. Chris Johnson? 3B1. Pedro Feliz? Bench player. Jason Bourgeois is now OF5.

On SportsRadio 610 this morning we discussed what it would take for the Astros to become interesting again, and this was the answer.

This season just got way more interesting.