Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Carlos Lee is as upset as we are. Apparently.

Bernardo Fallas has an off-day story on Carlos Lee, who kind of sucks right now.

"The fans are expecting a lot more from me, and they have a point. Trust me, I have been as disappointed as they are."

The Still-Employed Sean Berry:
"When frustration gets into the picture, you make bad choices at the plate. A lot of people say it's his hitting reaction, but hitting is a lot about making a choice. He made bad choices a lot of times because of frustration."

Ed Wade:
"(If Lee had swung the ball well from the start of the season) and people were aware of the work he's doing with Sean right now and the work in the weight room, the story would be: Carlos Lee dedicated to his craft, got in the best shape since he's been in Houston and look at the way he is playing."

And maybe the most troubling quote of this entire article, one that will go uncommented on, but still should be noted, by Sean Berry:
"Carlos definitely went through some change physically. His workout regimen has been great, so there is a change physically that may or may not have led to the slow start."