Sunday, June 13, 2010

Byrdak is back. /kazoo

Oh hooray. Tim Byrdak is back.

“My front leg wasn't doing what it was doing before the injury happened. It was collapsing a little bit (when throwing). It's been a nightmare having to try to pitch 100 percent and having to deal with this problem."

Can I use this space to whine and moan about Wesley Wright? It's more related than you think. Wright could have made the team out of Spring Training, but no, he needed to go to Round Rock to get stretched out as a starting pitcher. This was after the Astros sent him to the Dominican to learn hot to start. He made nine starts as a starter for Round Rock, and over Memorial Day weekend, when Norris was placed on the DL, Wright got called up. I know it has to do with having a lefty in the bullpen, but the Astros burned an option to bring him up to Houston so he could throw 6IP? How's his development coming now? Did they decide that, after an offseason and nine starts, screw it - we need him as a lefty specialist?

It felt like a short-sighted move then, and it still feels like a short-sighted move. I'd rather keep Byrdak in there (now that he's healthy) and move Wright on back to Round Rock where he can continue his development as a starter. Ridiculous.