Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Buyers and sellers.

A couple of notes within ESPN's kudzu-like network of blogs regarding potential trade partners.

Bruce Levine of ESPN Chicago:
White Sox general manager Kenny Williams, assistant GM Rick Hahn and their staff are looking at their team much differently now than they did two weeks ago when they trailed by as much as 9 1/2 games. The most likely scenario now is to add players rather than subtract...Productive left-handed RBI men like Washington's Adam Dunn and Houston's Lance Berkman are names that will be out there over the next 40 days before baseball's trading deadline on July 31. Baltimore outfielder Luke Scott, a big-time fly ball hitter, will be on the radar for teams like the White Sox who are desperate for left-handed run production.

Or from ESPN New York:
With the New York Mets a half-game up in the wild-card race as the season nears the halfway point, the team's pitchers say they want general manager Omar Minaya to deal for another ace.

"We have enough as it is right now, but there's nothing wrong with improving what we have," top starter Johan Santana told the New York Daily News at his charity bowling event on Monday night in midtown Manhattan.