Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Astros trade for Tommy Everidge, but who did they send?

According to the Round Rock Transactions page, the Tacoma Rainiers sent 1B Tommy Everidge to Round Rock. But who did Round Rock send to Tacoma? That's undetermined as of yet. Turns out, the question should be "What.". Geoff Baker says the Astros are sending cash considerations to the Mariners.

If Everidge plays 1B, doesn't that kind of block Koby Clemens?

Everidge, in seven minor-league seasons, has hit .276/.351/.463 in 3272 plate appearances, with 632K:324BB.

Says Lookout Landing:
There's no word yet on the return, but given that this is the Astros, we're probably best off not getting anyone.

At one point, people liked Tommy Everidge and entertained the possibility of his serving as part of a first base platoon. Then he went and hit .229 as Tacoma's DH, thus demonstrating an inability to do either part of what people had been considering. Disappointed, the Mariners accordingly delivered today's stern punishment. Bad Tommy, bad.