Friday, May 21, 2010

Wade: "Maybe you need to suck it up"

I'm starting to like this Ed Wade character. He's turned from a faceless, voiceless Dementor into a quotable face of the franchise (because Roy and Lance aren't too keen on being the face of this franchise). Seriously, has Wade been as chatty in the past as he is now?

Wade, on the "do-something" mentality (his quote):
"We're in a society where instant gratification is sort of the norm. It's got to happen now, and it's sort of the quote-unquote 'do something' mentality. I would rather us try to make smart decisions. Sometimes the smart decisions you make is, 'Hey, suck it up for a while.' That sends a message that we have faith and confidence in the rest of the guys here, but there is also accountability, and you need to step up and take advantage of the opportunities they're getting, whether veteran players or younger players. It's going to come down to the core guys here to step up and do what we know they're capable of doing."

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R.N. Coyote said...

He has a good point. Win now or else mantra been going on mainly to pump the team more cash from paying fans. But wait patiently there might be a pot of gold at end of the rainbow. See 2002 Angels team which was built through their minor league system and won the World Series. How about Rays 2008 season? Nationals going on with this approach right now.