Monday, May 3, 2010

Strong words from Forbes

Strong words from's Michael K. Ozanian - whose reference of Apollo 13 means that the cliche has been used approximately 949 times since Opening Day, about what Drayon needs to do if he really wants to sell his team:

At 8-16 the team has the worst record in the NL, cannot hit (last) and is just so-so on the mound (9th). Attendance is down to under 27,000 per game from over 31,000 in 2009. McLane needs to pony up some of that $1.5 billion of his net worth to improve the Astros before this turns into a complete debacle. MLB does not need both of its Texas franchises to be embarrassments at the same time.

The Rangers are an embarrassment because of Tom Hicks. The Astros are apparently an embarrassment to baseball just because of how bad they are. Thanks for that, Forbes.