Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Solomon: Yeah...this isn't 2005

Jerome Solomon reinforces our opinion that this is not 2005.

While the record might be almost identical, the circumstances are radically different. The obvious difference in talent and experience and even the overall mood of the team leads one to expect the dog days will arrive sooner than August.

It's nice to have team leaders look around and take on the challenge of making the team better. Not so nice when team leaders look at the challenge ahead and volunteer to be on the first plane out of town.

And a 2005 quote from Roger Clemens who, while a douche, sure could get you excited about the Astros:
“The veterans have to try and do a little more so you don't put that kind of stress on our younger players. You don't want them to feel that side, especially because they have not been in that situation that much. We have and I have, so I take that challenge head on.”

That's about as striking a difference as I've seen between these two teams.