Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Recap for G38: Astros @ Dodgers

Hm. John Ely, making his 4th start of his career, made the Astros look stupid, striking out eight, walking none, and going a season-high 7IP. Wandy, on the other hand, allowed four runs - though just one earned, and the Astros lose 6-2, following up a four-game win streak with four straight losses.

Why They Lost

Two reasons: The Astros can't hit, and Jeff Keppinger's catching "error" that led to three unearned runs in the bottom of the first. When the Astros are behind at the beginning of the second inning, they are 3-11. Second base umpire Phil Cuzzi (whom we know has 20/200 eyesight) called Manny safe after determining that Keppinger had taken his foot off the bag.

Astros Pitching

Wandy6.27/1 (4R)1:2100-68 (68%)24/7
Sampson0.10/00:03-2 (66.7%)0/0
Lyon12/21:120-11 (55%)3/2

And so. Through eight starts in 2010, Wandy has done the following:
46IP, 56H/22ER (30R), 27K:14BB, 4.30 ERA/1.52 WHIP

Through eight starts in 2009, Wandy did the following:
52IP, 37H/11ER (12R), 48K:15BB, 1.90 ERA/1.00 WHIP

And Brandon Lyon's 2ER were the first runs he had allowed since April 17 - a span of 12 appearances.

Astros hitting

The Astros were 6x32 with no walks - for the tenth time in 38 games. Two of their hits were courtesy of Jeff Keppinger, while Berkman and Feliz got the RBIs on the night. Berkman scored Bourn on an RBI single in the first and Lee ended the inning with a GIDP, and Ely proceeded to get the next ten Astros in a row (striking out six in that span) until Pence singled - and later scored on Feliz' single.

There just isn't much to write about that doesn't involve horrific blandness about the Astros' offense. Except for after the top of the first, the Astros weren't ever within two runs of the Dodgers. They had 3ABs that could have tied the game, but nothing that could have given them the lead.

Pitch Count Hero: Bourn (1x4) - 22 pitches in four PAs.
Pitch Count Punk: Blum (0x3) - 9 pitches in three PAs.

Man of the Match: Do we have to? Michael Bourn, I guess. Keppinger got on base twice, but also made the error that allowed three runs to score. Bourn also had an outfield assist that nailed Manny at home.

Goat of the Game: Carlos Lee? How many other teams have cleanup hitters with a .533 OPS?