Monday, May 17, 2010

Oswalt shoving his way out the door

The big story from Saturday was when Oswalt was outdueled by Lincecum, and got all snarky after the game.

"I feel pretty good. My mechanics wasn't as good as it was last start, but good enough to lose...I knew I needed to probably throw a shutout, you know, maybe we can get one [run]. A pitch backed up on me on a slider. I was trying to go down and away, and it backed up over the plate."

Oooh. What did Berkman say?
"We're a team, you know what I'm saying? As much as you want to cry for a guy not getting run support, it's a team game. We win as a team, we lose as a team, and we lost today. I certainly understand his frustration, but it's not like we're not trying. We're out there grinding them out and trying to score some runs, and it hasn't happened."

I can see both sides here. Surely the offense isn't tanking in Oswalt's games, but back when Roger Clemens was throwing 7IP/1ER games, I can't recall him ever coming out and saying anything about the offense. Both sides are justified in their frustration, and I'm happy Berkman bowed up to Oswalt - because that's a doucher thing to say. But I just wonder if Oswalt is forcing his way into a trade. For a guy who isn't too concerned with numbers, he sure is making a lot of noise.