Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oooh! Eat that, Roy!

Richard Justice thought he would be happy when Matsui was released. But he's not (I still am.). And he's not happy about a lot of stuff...

The Astros are losing at every level of the minor leagues, so it's not easy to be optimistic. But even if they stocked the big league rosters with journeymen and young guys, they probably wouldn't be worse than they are now.

At least those guys would act like they're happy to be here. I'm sick and tired of guys making $15 million to play the greatest game on earth to walk around ticked off all the time.

The Astros could get a player or two for Roy Oswalt between now and then trading deadline. It's time to get going. Likewise, Lance Berkman, Brett Myers and Wandy Rodriguez...

Fans can say they don't want to rebuild, but there's no other way. Even the most dramatic rebuilding program won't be as bad as watching this club.

I totally agree with all of this.