Saturday, May 8, 2010

Norris and Mills on Norris

McTaggart's G29 recap gives us some quotes about what happened to Bud Norris last night:

"I felt I threw the ball pretty well. Once again, I got a lot of deep counts, which always hurts, but as far as I was concerned, I was down in the strike zone all night and threw the ball pretty well. A couple of pitches can go the wrong way, and that's what happened, and you have to give them credit for it."

"His location got him in trouble from the get-go. He went 3-2 on all those hitters in the first inning, and it really came back to haunt him a little bit later. He gave up five hits, four of them for extra-base hits, and when you're having problems locating your pitches, you give up extra-base hits, and that compounds the issue. We talked about it in the dugout after we took him out. It's a situation we're going to keep working with him. He's got the stuff, and I know you've heard me say it again and again. I've told him that I still think he's got the stuff, but we have to get it corralled and put in all in place."

So Norris isn't in danger of losing his job - just yet.