Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nice little profile on Bogusevic

There's a profile by Ryan Metz over at milb.com that's worth reading. Some key quotes:

On giving up the whole pitching thing:
"The next day I went out and took batting practice. It was a pretty quick turnover. Right away I had mixed feelings. I can't say I wasn't a bit disappointed. But at the same time I was pretty excited because playing in the outfield and hitting is something I have always enjoyed doing."

On not having a chance to think:
"I definitely feel more comfortable now. I don't like to sit around and dwell on things because I will. As a starting pitcher if I didn't have a good game for four days I'd be mulling it over and getting down on myself. If I have a bad game now I can go out the next day and get a couple hits."

On how he recognizes his good fortune:
"It's definitely a second chance. A lot of guys if they go in as a pitcher and they don't do well they're gone. Having the opportunity to start over and do something, I'm pretty lucky to do that."