Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mock Draft!

Frankie Piliere (former Rangers scout and national writer for FanHouse) has your latest Top 10 projections in the June draft. Where are the Astros looking at #8?

OF Michael Choice, UT-Arlington

No team in the top 10 has been as tight-lipped about its intentions as the Houston Astros. A college bat seems logical here; I don't see them grabbing a high school arm. If (Arkansas 3B Zack) Cox is available I can see them going there. It's hard to see Choice sliding any further than this spot.


OremLK said...

This mock draft is pretty bad. I don't think the Astros take Choice or Cox at 8. Neither guy fits the MO and frankly I'm not that high on either of them.

The Astros don't like high floor low ceiling guys under Heck unless they are fantastic defenders, which Cox and Choice are not. Heck's department prefers to focus on upside when it comes to offense and pitching.

Karsten Whitson is a great fit, if he's available. Josh Sale. Austin Wilson. Kaleb Cowart. Nick Castellanos. A.J. Cole. Manny Machado. Stetson Allie. Dylan Covey. These are names I would be focusing on at number 8. The Astros tend to surprise people, so I could be wrong, but right now I'm expecting one of those guys to be the pick.

The Constable. said...

Extremely valid comment.

Frankie said...

You may not like it but they are on Michael Choice. Doesn't make the mock bad. And like I said, the Astros have been the most mysterious team in the top 10. I almost had Zack Cox at 8 but I was talked off of by a couple crosscheckers.

And, yes I am randomly defending my mock draft in the middle of the web. What can I say, I worked hard on it, gotta defend it and it didn't come from nowhere. All we can do is use our sources right now and hope for the best. The clubs haven't settled on guys yet so there's no way to be "right."

All good names you mentioned but no one in the industry seem to think it so I can't just put something that comes from nowhere.

Anyway, thanks for reading

Frankie Piliere

OremLK said...

Don't worry, I think a lot of mock drafts are bad because I'm an arrogant know-it-all that way ;)

Wasn't trying to single you out, you're not the only one who has listed Choice or Cox for the Astros, I just happen to think all the mock drafts listing those guys are wrong on that pick, for the reasons I mentioned above (doesn't fit Bobby Heck's drafting philosophy).

The Constable. said...

@Frankie: You join Will Carroll as the only media members to stop by Astros County and explain something you wrote, so that puts you in high esteem as far as I'm concerned.

Reuben said...

I thought it was a well-written article. Nice to see the author defending his material here. I don't know anything about the specific players, but I could easily see them taking a stud college bat at #8 or #19. Although an OF would be mildly surprising as they have Steele, Gaston, Austin, Shuck, and Martinez whom they are all pretty high on.