Sunday, May 23, 2010

McLane vs. Hunsicker: An expose

Richard Justice has an in-depth interview with Gerry Hunsicker.

On his relationship with Run-DMc:
“The only thing I want to say is that we had our ups and downs together. With all the challenges, you'd have to say we had a successful relationship. He gave me an opportunity to be a general manager.”

Run-DMc, your turn:
“Gerry and I got along. I have a real good policy that if I can't get along with somebody or somebody doesn't like me, there's no point. We didn't agree always. I never raised my voice to him, and he never raised his voice to me. We had some really good times. If I'd disliked him, we would have parted ways a long time ago.”

Hunsicker, on the 2010 Astros:
“I don't like to see anybody suffer, especially an organization where I spent so much of my career. I know it's a tough period. I have a lot of respect for the people running the baseball department. I go back a long way with Ed (Wade) and Tal (Smith). They're two very solid baseball men and will get this thing turned around. I still think it's a team good enough to challenge in that division. There's not a monster in that division. You look at that roster, and I really think, barring injuries, they're good enough to get back into the race in that division.”

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