Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Justice: Roy is good, which reminds us of better times, which depresses us

Richard Justice's new blog discusses how Roy Oswalt would be a prime trade candidate, mainly because he's good - and no one else on the Astros is right now, at least of the Big Three of Berkman, Roy, and Lee.

As Carlos Lee and Lance Berkman have diminished, Oswalt is still the lone Astro that could fetch a couple of prime prospects. I still say we let the thing play out another few weeks and make sure these Astros are as bad as they appear to be.

By next fall, let's hope we see Oswalt in the post-season, that he'll get his moment on national television, that he'll help some team get to the World Series or perhaps win the World Series...

... He seems to be the lone Astro ready to move on. If Ed Wade can find him a spot on a winner, I have no doubt that Oswalt will approve a deal.

Until then, we get to watch a really good pitcher stuck on a very, very bad team. But seeing him is a reminder of what the Astros once were.