Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Justice prepares Oswalt's obituary

Richard Justice, who has been awfully active lately, has this note of caution on Roy:

During Sunday's eight-inning, three-run no-decision against San Diego, he got strikeouts on four pitches, and at times, made it look easy. No matter how it plays out, the Astros have been lucky to have him.

And about a trade?
He apparently hasn't asked to be traded, but if the Astros offer to send him to a contender, he would probably jump at the chance. As Carlos Lee and Lance Berkman have diminished, Oswalt is the lone Astro who might be able to fetch a couple of prime prospects.

That kind of decision appears to be weeks away, but if the losing continues, the Astros would be silly to hold on to their most valuable commodity at a time they have so many holes. His departure would signal a full-blown rebuilding project that might take two or three years to complete. It would be stunning to see him wearing another uniform, and a painful reminder of what the Astros once were.