Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Houston Astros: Everybody's Homecoming Team

In trying to get a handle on just how accommodating the Astros' offense is, I thought we might take a look at opposing pitcher Game Scores. If you need a little refresher on Game Scores, then by all means, click here. Basically, a Game Score of 50 or higher means that the pitcher - essentially - threw a quality start.

The highest game score for an opposing starting pitcher came courtesy of Mat Latos, in Friday night's G29 vs. Padres, in which his Game Score was 87. The lowest game score was Pittsburgh pitcher Charlie Morton's G18 turd, in which the Astros won 10-3, and Morton recorded a 29 game score.

The average Game Score for opposing starting pitchers is, incredibly, 60.4. Of the Astros' 30 games, the opposing pitcher threw a quality start in 25 games. The following pitchers threw their best game of the season against the Astros:

Mat Latos (May 7), 87
Adam Wainwright (Apr 12) - though he tied his 76 in his next start vs. Mets
Jon Garland (May 8), 74
Tommy Hanson (April 30), 73
Ryan Dempster (April 18), 73
Brad Penny (April 14), 73
Carlos Silva (April 16), 68
Rodrigo Lopez (May 5), 66
Mike Leake (April 28), 66
J.A. Happ (April 9), 58 - though he has only made two starts this season

This is incredible. Ten of 30 starting pitchers had their "best game" of the season against the Astros' offense.

As a point of comparison, the Astros' rotation is averaging a 48.8 game score. Here are your averages for the five SPs:

Roy: 60.3 (High - 73: April 17 @ Chicago)
Myers: 51.3 (High - 68: April 14 @ St Louis)
Paulino: 48 (High - 72: May 8 v. San Diego)
Wandy: 44.5 (High - 68: April 24 v. Pittsburgh)
Norris: 40 (High - 63: April 15 @ St. Louis)