Saturday, May 29, 2010

G49 Preview Astros v Reds

Today is the 2nd game in a 3 game series in Cincy featuring the AstBros and the Redstockings. It'll be B-Mo squaring off with Lurch.

Moehler hasn't stared a game this season for a reason, he is teh suck. So good luck to him.

Harang has been up and down this year but has a career winning record against us (10-9).

So hopefully this turns into another slugfest because lord knows its fun to see your backup catcher take the mound in the late innings. And speaking of Kevin Cash, did anyone else think "Who the hell is that?". I literally had no idea who was pitching for about 5 minutes, but that knuckleball was dancing like crazy. I approve.


WP: Lyons
LP: Harang

HR: Rolen, Quintero

SB: Bourn, Phillips

I have a weird feeling that the game will be delayed by a natural disaster of some kind. Like a tornado filled with flying cows and street signs. Possibly resulting in a decapitation of a radio announcer.

Score: Hou 5 Cin 4

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