Friday, May 28, 2010

G48 Astros v Reds Preview

Hey kids, the Redstockings of Cincinnati welcome the AstBros back to Great American Ballpark today at 6 pm CST. Make sure to tune in because the Reds are fielding a competitive team this season for the first time in 15 years. They are the Halley's comet of the National League Central and you might not get another opportunity in your lifetime to see them in this form.

The Reds will pitch former UT Longhorn Sam LeCure, who will be making his major league debut. I'd like to wish him luck in his new career, but I hope that he leaves the mound tonight crying like a bitch (can I say that here?).

The AstBros will send Magic Wandy out to throw Valtrex balls at the Reds. Look for alot of quick movements by Reds hitters looking to avoid contact with the crafty lefty.

WP: Wandy
LP: LeCure
SV: Lindstrom

HR: Lance, Tommy M, J Gomes
SB: Hunter

Ruptured Anus: Scott Rolen - I know this is a long shot but I have a good feeling on this one.

Score : Hou 5 Cin 3

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