Saturday, May 1, 2010

Employees of the Month!

Hey! So April is done with (thank God), and it's time to renew our Employees of the Month piece. Employees of the Month receive 10% in the store, and get to park up front.

Position Players

This wasn't even hard. Michael Bourn. He's the only player hitting over .280 (.311), and he's the only one who has an OBP over .360 (.407). He's also leading the team in runs scored (12), stolen bases (9), and is second in OPS (.785).


This was not hard either. Roy Oswalt. Leading the team in ERA, ERA+, WHIP, Ks, Hits/9, and K:BB ratio.

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tpack said...

scariest art of that is BOURN is leading our OPS....with .785.