Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ed Wade tells everyone why the Astros released Max Sapp. And it's still not cool.

Buried in McTaggart's fireside chat is Ed Wade explaining why the Astros released Max Sapp:

"It became apparent that he would physically be unable to perform."

Since 1994, here are your Astros' 1st round draft picks:
1995: RHP Tony McKnight. 21G, 7-7 record, 4.63 ERA/1.45 WHIP.
1996: RHP Mark Johnson. Appeared in nine games for the Tigers, after being the PTBNL to the Marlins for Moises Alou
1997: Lance Berkman. Enough said.
1998: RHP Brad Lidge. 519 games, 195 saves for the Astros and Phillies
1999: OF Mike Rosamond. Never appeared in the Majors.
2000: RHP Robert Stiehl. N/A.
2001: 2B Chris Burke. 477 games for the Astros, Diamondbacks, and Reds. .674 career OPS.
2002: RHP Derick Grigsby. N/A.
2005: OF Eli Iorg. Released, 2009.
2006: C Max Sapp. Released, today.
2008: C Jason Castro.
2009: SS Jiovanni Mier.

How's that make you feel?