Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A change (might) gonna come

Of course Ed Wade didn't give any specifics, or even vaguaries, but changes may be brewing.

While not suggesting any major changes and not going into specifics on the minor leaguers who could be called up in the near future, Wade said the club might try something as it tries to free itself from last place.

“I do think there are some moves we can make coming out of AAA, but when you look at where we are right now, the primary struggles that we're faced with are not solved by some of the moves that would be readily available from AAA...There are no replacement 3-4-5 hole hitters at Round Rock. We need the guys who are here in the middle to do what they're capable of doing, and they're beginning to show signs of doing that."

On Manzella:
“We're going to continue to give Tommy opportunities here until we get to a point where we think it's unproductive or counterproductive for the club."

Matsui, you're on notice. Wade is disappointed. And, frankly, so are we.