Sunday, May 23, 2010

Byrdak activated and Chacin (?) sent down

What the heck? Tim Byrdak has been activated from the DL.

So who gets sent down? Not Moehler. Not Wilton Lopez. But Gustavo Chacin, and his 2nd-lowest ERA (or eight hits in 5.1IP). I kind of get it. But maybe not. So talk me out of being pissed about this.


OremLK said...

Should've non-tendered Byrdak when they had the chance. He's not worth his paycheck.

John Royal said...

They're not paying Chacin $3.5 million like they are Moehler. And Chacin can't start, like Moehler will probably be doing soon.

OremLK said...

Installing Moehler back into the rotation would be one of the stupidest things the Astros could plausibly do right now.

If you were referring to the high likelihood that Norris or Paulino are injured from staying in games too long, though, I agree.

Peanut said...

Moehler might well move into the rotation to replace Oswalt in the event of a trade.

Also, I don't really see where you're getting the idea that Norris and Paulino are being overworked to the point of injury. Neither has pitched on short rest or thrown an exorbitant number of pitches in any one start. Hell, Norris has only thrown over 100 pitches twice this season.

OremLK said...

I would hope that in the event of a trade we could get a young major league ready starter (like Ely from the Dodgers) back to replace Oswalt, but I guess that may not be the case.

As for overworking Norris and Paulino, both of them have gone up close to or above 120 pitches multiple times, which is pretty bad because they're in the middle of the injury nexus and both have injury histories. I'd be treating them with kid gloves if I were Mills.