Saturday, May 22, 2010

Berkman upbeat, realistic

So while I like that Berkman is standing up and being more vocal, his realism is even more impressive:

You know just how quickly it can turn around. As bad as this has been, it's still not as bad as the year we went to the World Series (2005), so we can make a comeback. I'm not saying we are going to go to the World Series, but we can certainly be better than we are, and I think we're going to be.”

And later, on Gerry Hunsicker:
“His track record speaks for itself; he's probably one of the most accomplished general managers in the game of baseball today. You saw what he was able to do here; he built not one but several championship-caliber teams. He's gone over there, has the right people in place and made some great moves. He drafted and signed me, so I think he's the greatest.”