Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Berkman doesn't get it

Lance Berkman doesn't understand what's happening to the Astros:

"I scratch my head, I'm frustrated and I'm sure the fans are frustrated. I have no answers. I think if I did, I wouldn't be playing. I'd be a consultant and go around to every team and fix their problems. Certainly the onus is on the offense -- we have to get something going...You can score runs quickly without having to put three or four hits together, because it's tough to do that in the Major Leagues. For me, the key to being a good offensive club is getting on base and on-base percentage and hitting home runs, and we don't do either."

"I got a question the other day about the lack of power on the team and the reason we're not scoring runs, and I said that's not the point. To score runs, you've got to get guys on base, get them over and get the big hit. You can go in a game and score 10 runs and not hit a homer. We just need to get on base and get timely hitting. The other day, we got nine hits, the Braves got nine hits, and they got hits with people on base and we didn't. It's as simple as that."

We've been getting hits, but not the timely ones. If we do hit the ball hard, it's typically right at someone. We haven't found any ground-ball holes. Also, it's a pressing thing. You start pressing when things haven't happened and you start trying to do too much. We have to start having fun again."

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