Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Andy Pettitte: Berkman hasn't asked for a trade

Andy Pettitte would like to tell you that Lance Berkman, unlike That Other One, has not yet asked for a trade.

Pettitte remains close friends with Astros 1st baseman Lance Berkman who Pettitte stresses also wants to win big now. However, Berkman has not asked the Astros to trade him.

"You know me and Lance are extremely close," Pettitte said. "These guys want to win. Once you've been there. Once you've tasted the playoffs. Once you've tasted the World Series, that's what you want as a competitor. You want to have that opportunity to get back there.

"I know that both of them would love to be here in Houston and for Houston to turn it around and to be a contender. You never know what will happen."

It's probably good PR for Lance if he sticks with the team through this rough patch and is known as a the guy who didn't push his way out of Houston when things started to suck.