Monday, May 10, 2010

Alfonso Marquez: Kind of a jerk

So we've spent some time talking about umpire Alfonso Marquez who, in the course of two games, ejected Michael Bourn, Brad Mills, and appeared to lose his rag in front of Humberto Quintero.

After a pitch was called a ball on a critical at-bat for the Padres' Tim Stauffer, Quintero said something without turning around to plate umpire Alfonso Marquez. Marquez then stepped in front of Quintero and said something.

“Q was not showing him up for me,” Mills said. “He wasn't turning around and he kept his mask on, so I really didn't know what was going on, but when he gets up and gets in front of Q, then yes” Mills was defending his catcher when he came out.

Quintero thought Marquez's stepping in front of the plate was uncalled for.

“He doesn't have to do that,” Quintero said. “I talked to him with respect.”

Let's also just remember that it was Alfonso Marquez who asked Kenny Rogers to do him a favor and remove that "dirt thing" off his hand in the 2006 World Series.