Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zito/Wandy vs. Astros/Giants

In advance of the larger preview coming this afternoon, I thought we could take a moment to examine how tonight's starting pitchers have fared against the respective opposition:

Barry Zito vs. 2010 Astros lineup:

Hunter Pence: 2x7, 0K:2BB, .286/.444/.286
Carlos Lee: 9x33, 5K:3BB, .273/.333/.485
Pedro Feliz: 3x14, 2K:1BB, .214/.214/.429

Wandy Rodriguez vs. 2010 Giants lineup:

Juan Uribe: 1x2, 0K:0BB, .500/.500/2.000 (yeah, that was a solo homer)
Edgar Renteria: 3x5, 2K:1BB, .600/.667/1.800 (two homers)
Mark DeRosa: 7x24, 4K:3BB, .292/.370/.667

This adds up to five homers and ten RBI career against Wandy.