Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Will the Astros ever win a game?" Your rhetorical question of the day

Craig Calcaterra at Hardball Talk asks if the Astros will (a) win, (b) when they will win, and (c) will they win before the '88 Orioles won a game in G22.

I think the answer is no, they will not go 0-21. The reason for it, besides sheer statistical improbability, is that they have a series against the Pirates kicking off a week from tomorrow. Even if they somehow drop today's game against the Cards and get swept by Chicago and Florida after that, there's no way the Pirates sweep them at home, right?

Just a quick glance, for our records.

Astros' record: 0-8.

Winning percentage needed to tie the 2003 Tigers (43-119): .279
Winning percentage needed to tie the 1988 Orioles (54-107): .353

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