Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wade: Just look at the bubblegum cards

Kirk Bohls' is leaning towards getting more excited about Koby Clemens and Jordan Lyles than he is about the 2010 Astros. Are they just bad, asks Bohls?

"I don't subscribe to that theory at all. Look at the back of bubblegum cards. Carlos Lee has substantial stats, Hunter Pence looked good last year. ..."

The ellipses are included. Which isn't a good sign.

The Astros' best player so far, second baseman Jeff Keppinger, is a lifelong utility infielder, having played for five organizations and been traded four times. The team's ace, Oswalt, is at best probably more like a No. 2 or 3 pitcher in a good rotation, at worst a once-great pitcher in the twilight of his career, with durability issues. Without the injured Berkman the team had been completely impotent, with zero home runs and only eight extra-base hits in 137 at-bats, although Houston hit two homers Saturday off Moyer.