Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Twilight" to blame

Just like when you watch the movie, your balls disappear in the twilight.

Hunter Pence:
“It’s a play that has to be made. Here when the twilight hours are going on, the balls disappear. You’ve just got to keep going with it and try to find it. I lost it and then found it late and wasn’t able to recover as good as I needed to and like I said, I’ve got to make that play.”

“We both couldn’t see it. There’s nothing you can do about that part of the game. The only thing is you can hope for is that the roof is closed. But when it’s open and the twilight hits, it’s always around the fourth or fifth inning. You just hope that the situation doesn’t come up and it came up tonight. It cost us the game, basically. They got four runs off of that ball. It wasn’t Hunter’s fault and I’m not going to say it was my fault either. It was just a situation where you can’t see the ball.”

“I think they kept having good at-bats and that’s what we need to do. Not just in a situation where we’re down like that but have good at-bats through the entire game. It was good to see them continue that there in the end.”