Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A few things of note:

Round Rock
-Assigned LHP Nelson Payano to Corpus Christi
-Assigned RHP Jared Wells to Corpus Christi

-Placed OF Brian Kemp on 7-day DL w/ankle injury


Oates77 said...

Why the hell is Erik Castro still in extended spring training. That kid can flat out play and should be at Lexington right now. I think the manager at Lexington is playing favorites by faving mostly ex-Greeneville players on his roster.

Peanut said...

Lexington's roster assignments aren't up to Linares. Castro is likely in EST 1) because he's blocked by a better prospect (Meyer) in Lexington and 2) because the Astros' player development office doesn't think he's ready for Lancaster. I was surprised to see him not make a full-season squad, but his assignment was based on his ability, not favoritism.