Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tommy Manzella takes good notes, and other sundry items

In McTaggart's new blog post, he checked in with Tommy Manzella, who has been taking extra BP.

"The more swings I take, the closer I am to getting there. I'm not one to think you have to overwork, or even when you're going good, you have to take a million swings to keep it there. Right now, I'm trying a bunch of different things, not to change anything I'm doing, but trying things that will click to get my swing back to where it is when I am successful. I might be making a minor adjustment to where I'm doing something different, but it's exactly how I felt when I was going good."

Manzella keeps detailed notes about his swing when he's in a groove so he can go over them when he's struggling. He says the swing feels the same as it does when he's going good.

Teams are giving Bourn the stink eye this year. Right, Bourn?
Last year they wouldn't care if I was going, but now they stay in and pick."

"He's made a big step in understanding when to go and when not to go and when he's able to get a jump and when he's not able. That's huge when base runners can make that turn and get that realization. That's really huge."

Through 14 games in 2009, Bourn had two stolen bases. Through 14 in 2010, he has four.