Friday, April 2, 2010

Tim McCarver: Move the Astros to the AL

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Bob Wolfley has an interview with Tim McCarver, in which he takes a break from scratching Joe Buck's tummy to address the issue of realignment. And I think you know where this is going:

"Perhaps realignment should be considered. If the Houston Astros agreed to it, they should be taken out of the National League and put in the American League, in the American League West. You delete one team from the National League Central, add one to the American League West and make things a lot more balanced...

"It's like the Houston Astros are isolated in the southwest. They really have no natural rivalry. The Texas Rangers are a rivalry and that gets a lot of attention during interleague play, but not otherwise. I think that is one thing Commissioner Selig should be considering right now."

Is this an argument for realignment? Or secession?


Peanut said...

I'm opposed to any realignment that has the Astros facing more west coast teams. Nothing against the west coast, of course, but I don't like the idea of two thirds of the team's away games starting at 9PM for hometown fans.

Joe said...

Exactly. Time Zones are the issue. Tim McCarver was credible before he started brown nosing Joe Buck all day. Now he's the hugest Cards fan. If west coast time was only 1 hour behind like east coast time is ahead, I still wouldn't be in favor of this. They are really willing to do anything to make money. Leave our 17 games against the pirates alone. You can't just throw a team in the AL that has been preparing to play in the NL. We are Houston, so it won't surprise me. Just like when I listened to the no hitter at Wrigley North that virtually screwed us in 2008. Thank you Bud Selig and can't forget Bronson Arroyo.