Friday, April 9, 2010

This is the sound of Bud Norris' girlfriend freaking out

The Dodgerhater, a Giants blog, posted an interview with SP4 Bud Norris. What did he do in his downtime during Spring Training?

Didn't go to Disney World this year, but I did go last year a couple times.

I'm a big golfer, so I was lucky enough to have quite the set up this year. I got asked by my teammate Geoff Blum to live with him during spring training, and I actually got to live at Tiger Woods's golf course called Isleworth...I played golf like every day at Tiger Woods's golf course and I actually got introduced to Tiger and just played a ton of golf this year.

The Dodgerhater: How's Tiger doing?

He was fine and was a really nice guy and he was definitely in a good mood.

And we get a clue on maybe why the Astros crapped the bed against the Giants:

We were supposed to have our meeting about (the Giants) the other day but the video got screwed up so, we haven't discussed them as a team yet.

On Berkman's injury:
At first they weren't quite sure what to do about it, but they wanted to get in there and clean it up. He was looking good the last few days of spring, but then it flared up on him a little. Right now he's a little more worried about it than the trainers are. He really wants to get it corrected so he can play the whole year effectively and be as healthy as possible.

Last year he tried to play hurt with that calf problem and saw his numbers slide and he hated the way he played. He realizes that playing at 75 percent is just not the same. He can't wait to get out there and we'll welcome he's back when he's ready.