Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rhetorical Question of the Day

The Sporting News' blog has a new post rhetorically titled "How Bad Can The Astros Be?" More than answering that question - which focuses on how the Astros aren't scoring any runs - they take the fans to task:

The headline should have one of those cartoonish question marks followed by an exclamation point then another question mark and maybe a few other characters in there just to reinforce how terrible it must be to root for the Astros right now.

Watching their game on Sunday – just their sixth of the year, all at home – I was amazed that the stadium was 2/3 empty. This is Houston. They've been to a World Series in the last five years, so surely things couldn't be this bad where they're having "bring your dog to the game" promotions in the first week of the season and the empty seats still, on TV, look to outnumber the filled? It's baseball season, Houston…get out there and support your team, no matter how bad they seem after one week.

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Ryan Sides said...

Agreed. At least wait until end of summer or when school starts to stop showing up...