Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Recap for G19: Astros v. Reds

Nice of the Astros to ensure that Aaron Harang gets to keep his spot in the rotation...for now. Reds win, and end the Astros streak, 6-2.

Why They Lost
Because Bud Norris gets the Jekyll/Hyde Player of the Week. Norris only gave up six hits, but also four walks, and he hit Scott Rolen. Meanwhile, the Astros struck out 11 times, walked only once, and were 1x7 w/RISP.

Astros Pitching

Norris56/56:495-56 (58.9%)19/8
Fulchino11/00:014-9 (64.3%)2/0
Byrdak10/01:011-7 (63.6%)5/2
Gervacio10/11:218-8 (44.4%)3/1
Moehler12/00:018-10 (55.5%)3/2

Welcome back to Sam Gervacio, who walked two batters and balked. This was also the third time in four starts that Norris has walked 3+ batters, and his 10th start in which he has allowed multiple walks in his career. And yes, he has started 14 games. His only walkless start was on September 6, in a 4-3 win over Philadelphia.

The pitching staff also allowed the 5-6-7 hitters (Bruce-Cabrera-Gomes) to go 5x11 with five runs, one strikeout and three walks. Hot-hitting Ryan Hanigan was 2x3 with 3RBI and is now hitting .483. Hopefully Dusty comes to his senses and puts in Ramon Hernandez.

Astros hitting

I hate it when the Astros make a struggling pitcher look good, and that's exactly what happened. Harang only threw a first-pitch strike to 15 of the 26 batters he faced, and the Astros managed nine baserunners against him - but he just kept them from scoring. Harang gave the Astros three balls five times, and they were 1x4 with one walk and two strikeouts, both Berkman's.

Oh yeah, Pence is back under .200. Another 0x4 and his average is at .197.

Pitch Count Hero: Berkman (1x4) - 23 pitches in four PAs
Pitch Count Punk: Bourn (2x3) - 14 pitches in three PAs

Man of the Match: Carlos Lee is back at it. Another two-hit game, and Berkman and Pence can't get him in. Lee now has hits in seven of his last nine games, and since getting sat down on Saturday, is 4x9, with 2RBI.

Goat of the Game: It has to go to Bud Norris. Learn a little control.