Sunday, April 11, 2010

Reaction to G5: Astros v. Phillies

Brandon Lyon:

“It’s frustrating, obviously, the way things went. We got the lead. You want to give it to the bullpen with the confidence we’re going to do the job, but it just didn’t happen.”


“It was a tough day for me; I threw too many pitches in the game. You have to remember these are good hitters out there. The thing for me is I put the guys behind the count all the time, but my problem was with finishing off the hitter. My command was OK. These guys out there are good hitters, so you have to hit the spots really well. I made good pitches, but they weren’t chasing, and I respect that.”


“It was a big step forward (the third inning). You saw how they battled and came back and tied the game. That was huge. I think we’re pretty close, especially today the way they battled and came back. We’re stringing some things together, and that’s what you want to do and continue to do.”

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