Friday, April 23, 2010

The Pros and Cons of Benching Carlos Lee

Is the time right to bench Carlos Lee - after he looked like a nuthead last night? Zach Levine says yes, and no.

Friday might present an opportunity to give Michaels a start as Lee has some bad numbers against Pirates scheduled starter Paul Maholm, going .200/.222/.229 against him in 36 plate appearances.

If you want to ignore the small head-to-head sample, it is a chance to hit Friday against a lefty who has an enormous split. Over his career, Maholm has allowed an OPS 255 points higher to righties than he has to lefties.

Fact is, it's ridiculous that we're talking about benching a career .300 hitter who is currently hitting .136 and is still owed $55 million.

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Ryan Sides said...

It's only ridiculous if you haven't seen him much this year. He looks lost. He still is making dumb decisions on the basepaths. He seems lackidaisical (sp?!) in the outfield.

I have no lack of faith that he'll turn it around, but for the time being (given how he looks), he might need a few days off.

(And if nothing else, hopefully this can serve as a reverse jinx.)