Friday, April 23, 2010

Pitcher Efficiency

Based on last night's recap, in which we figured out that Felipe Paulino has to throw 4.48 pitches per out, I got curious. This was wrong. I can't add past 10pm, apparently. This table is correct. This, inevitably, leads to tables. And now that we've gone through the rotation three times, let's take a gander at the efficiency of the rotation so far.

An explanation:
Pitches = Number of pitches thrown
Strikes = Seriously?
P/O = Pitches per out
P/PA = Pitches per plate appearance
PA/K = Plate appearances per strikeout

Astros Pitcher Efficiency


A couple of things here. While Bud Norris has the highest pitch/plate appearance ratio, he has the lowest plate appearance/strikeout ratio. Wandy has the lowest pitch per plate appearance ratio, but isn't striking anybody out.

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Ryan Sides said...

Has Paulino thrown 324 pitches or 224? In the other post it uses 224 for a much lower pitch-per-out ratio.