Friday, April 2, 2010

Oswalt notes how he's feeling, and examines the Giants

McTaggart has some notes from Roy:

On how he's feeling, emotionally:
We have new personnel that are more easy to work for, and Arnie is easy to talk to in the bullpen. With the skipper, he's checked on me more the last two or three weeks than I got checked on the last two or three years, so it means a lot to you when you know what you've done for the organization for eight or nine years that guys care what you do. It helps a lot."

On his G1 opponent:
"Going up against the Giants, they've got a few new guys in the lineup that are going to help them. They added a few more bats to the lineup, and they've got a good pitching staff, so you know you have to go out there and throw up some zeroes."