Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oho! Take that, Chicago!

So Lance Berkman is now targeting an April 20 return date, and will stay in Houston to continue his rehab. Why? Because Chicago sucks. Hey, I didn't say it:

"The workout facilities, particularly in Chicago, are atrocious, so you can't get much done there in terms of rehab or strengthening or anything like that, so I think that played as big a factor as anything."


In other news, the Astros don't feel too bad about the start that has us all dying a slow death inside.

"As a whole, their attitude and the way they've been going about everything is very good, both in the clubhouse and the field and the dugout. Frustration is going to be there for quite a few guys, but the way they're handling that is pretty good."

"I'm not pressing at all. I'm seeing the ball good. I think that something's going on mechanically. You've got to keep going. We still have 156 more games and 580 more at-bats, so there's a lot of games left to play and a lot of at-bats to take."

"I'm putting up good swings. I'm fouling pitches off and taking aggressive hacks. My hitting is going to come... They're robbing me when I do hit it hard, and I've just got to continue to stick with my approach and keep working. We're going to turn this around."


Hey, so Keppinger's start at SS today wasn't just about keeping his bat in the lineup. Right, Mills?
"Manzella's quad was cramping [Saturday] night, and with a day game after a night game, we just kind of felt this would be a good day more than anything else."

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