Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More unsure...ness from Berkman

McTaggart has a new article on Chris Johnson, Lance Berkman, and Brad Mills.

Berkman, on his knee:
"My wife asked me that today and I think she's tired of me moping around the house. I have no idea [when I'll return]. I really wish I could tell you an accurate prediction of when I thought I would be ready to go. It isn't right this second, but I'm hopeful it will be soon. The last four times I had it done, it swelled right back up, but this time it stayed down a little bit and some of that has to do with the fact they included a cortisone injection with that and that keeps it from swelling. It feels better today than it has."

And Mills moved the dugout around, removing the protective screen, and changing it so there were Red Sox in the dugout, and not Astros:
"Everybody likes something different. I'm not saying one thing is right and another is wrong. The reason I wanted to be on this side of the stairs is I felt I'd have to cross over the stairs ... if I wanted to go talk to the players as they were trying to walk up the stairs to get to the on-deck circle, and this allowed me to not have to do that. I'm right here by the bat rack and the stairs, and when a guy goes out on the on-deck circle and I wanted to go down and give him a high five for a getting a sac fly or an RBI ground ball, I can talk to him. I'm not fighting through guys to get down and do that."

Note that he didn't say, "when a guy goes out and hits a three-run double." Or "A two-run homer." Sac flies and groundouts. That's Astros baseball.

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